Tomorrow’s social impact leaders are those who identify opportunities, have resilience to overcome challenges and the spirit to fight
for a better tomorrow

At IRD we celebrate independent thinkers, passion, high energy, and savviness. Our people bring together their unique experiences and backgrounds to build a culture that thrives in diversity


A two-year fellowship which includes comprehensive training and hands on experience in various public health programs.


Meet our dedicated, creative and dynamic teams – committed to bridge the global health delivery gap


Apply for our available positions in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, South Africa and UAE.



IRD has provided me with a platform that allows me
to implement my skills in an effective and cohesive
manner. The close bond I share with my co-workers
has inculcated a sense of responsibility and belonging,
which makes working for IRD so rewarding.
Syed Muhammad Umair
Aneeta Pasha
My experience at IRD has been invaluable so far. IRD provides an
independent and flexible work environment, with high expectations
of quality and with highly skilled individuals who come together to
form formidable teams.
Wajeeha Riaz
IRD has been an enriching and invaluable experience
so far. The best thing about this place is that it
provides a flexible working environment along with
the opportunity to showcase my potential and allows
the enhancement of my professional skills.
Onaiza Que
IRD 'actually' gives you the opportunity to 'stand on the shoulder
of giants.'
IRD is an inclusive, supportive community that provides
endless learning opportunities.
Tasbih Qazi
Danish Hasan
IRD is not just another workplace. What differentiates IRD from
other workplaces is the sense of social responsibilities, values
and autonomy the organization instills without making us lose
track of the end target i.e. serve the ones who need us the most.
Zafar Hasnain
If I’m an artist, and the canvas is this country, then
IRD is my paint. If I am a mechanic, and the car is this
country, then IRD is my toolset. If I am a musician,
and the audience is this country, then IRD is my stage.
i.e never undermine the importance of good art, a well
-maintained car, and a sold out concert.
Danya Arif
My experience at IRD has been very enriching so far. IRD has
provided me with a platform to enhance my skills and abilities
with constant support and guidance from my seniors and
colleagues. At IRD I have the opportunity to pursue work that
I’m really passionate about. I’m proud to consider myself a part
of this organization